fouta Sablé

Designed and made in Switzerland
From the spinning of the yarn to the dye works and from the weaving mill to production — our new fouta Sablé towels are made in traditional textile companies in Switzerland with over 100 years of history. Together with our production partners, we draw from valuable and centuries-old textile and handcraft traditions. With local production taking place close to Zurich, we guarantee short transport distances as well as high work and safety standards for everyone involved. Learn more about our value chain here.

fouta Sablé is available in sizes S (50 x 100 cm) and L (90 x 180 cm) in the seven base colours: dusty pink, dark blue, petrol blue, maroon, taupe, silver grey and black.

The organic, granular Sablé structure results from a special old weaving technique and feels incredibly soft and pleasant on the skin. Thanks to the careful finishing and the high quality of the materials, fouta Sablé can easily withstand washing temperatures of up to 95 °C. For the sake of the environment, however, we recommend using low washing temperatures of 20–30 °C for normal staining.

Our products are available in selected stores in Switzerland and Europe or around the world via the Meyer-Mayor Online-Shop.
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