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Care and Washing Instructions

The thread of our fouta towels is treated with a wax coating in order to avoid damages during the weaving process. We recommend that you wash the towels separately prior to use. Towels with dark colours may bleed out some excess dye during their first wash, and the cotton will naturally shrink a little.

The true quality of the towels develops over time. After repeated washing, the cotton towels reach their optimum absorbency. 

You can easily wash fouta Classique towels at up to 60°C, fouta Sablé towels even at up to 95°C. However, together with the WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature) and S.A.F.E. (Swiss Agency for Energy Efficiency), we recommend low washing temperatures of 20-30° C for mild to normal staining. We also recommend that you avoid using fabric softeners and that you line dry the towels. Compared to a wash cycle at 60° C, washing at low temperatures can save up to 70% of energy!

Our organic cotton was dyed as fast as possible in accordance with the highest environmental standards. However, natural fibres may fade if the product is exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.

Pulled threads should not be pulled out, but simply trimmed neatly as soon as possible. In order to avoid pulled threads, fouta towels should never be washed with clothing that has hooks, Velcro or zippers.

Sources and more information from the WWF (in German) about energy-efficient washing: «Ratgeber Kaltwäsche» and «Hintergrundwissen Konsum, Mode und Kosmetik»

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